Friday, November 07, 2008

Pieces of History

I was gonna talk primarily about these amazing maurice noble pieces I just bought , which are very important parts of animation history. These pieces some of which are from the Chuck Jones / Michael Maltese/ Maurice Noble masterpiece "boyhood daze", but how could I not mention the Historic election of nov 4 of which my girlfriend smartly bought a copy of the LA times ,most of the other papers thoroughly snatched up. I've never seen so much positivity and uplifted folks that seem to truly feel proud and connected to their country, possibly for the first time...I've came across some of the most amazing conversations in the past few days and they have al put a smile on my face.
Back to Noble. My love and adoration for the Chuck Jones masterpieces really made me take notice of the brillaint acompanyment that Noble was to Chuck. Chucks work just did not have the same impact without Noble's layouts. Together they are pure magic! Their work remains one of the most influential works of art on me to this day. Also just picked up the Noel Sickles scortchy smith book which showcase the comic strip and sickles simply amazing illustration work. You can see his influence on the amazing alex toth. Also picked up Chipp Kidd's Batmanga! the paperback has one of the coolest covers ever! what a great book.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> god.. -- ..

it's like little masterpieces of history.



tomnel said...

Great stuff, I am also a huge 'maurice noble' nut.

maicher said...

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