Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cintiq Doodles

some spare time work doodles


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..this may be aa very stupid question, however ..

it's very difficult for me to phrase ( i'm also extremely exhausted, so that also hurts my cause .. )

How much ' Wrist ' are you putting into the doodles or whatever. I mean considering you work in both tablet and traditional means.. there may be variations on how you are handling your drawing device .

Ok .. umm..

What i mean is .. is there a discipline in your wrist, is it even something you think about ??

When you sketch are you usually just using the tool in your hand and moving it at your wrist .. or are you exerting your entire range of motion into the tool from the hand and wrist up, like even exerting a certain amount of energy from your arm.

It's a little hard for me to tell, but i will say there is somewhat of a traditional and controlled use of your wrist within' at least these doodles.

I still don't think i'm making myself clear,i'm rambling, and i'm slowly fading as the caffeine wears off .. X{

All my life, i didn't really worry about how i was laying out things with any particular tool. But as i say for example laid out my pencils for any type of figural study, like maybe an old Photo of Walt Disney as our subject, ..everyone usually tried to have this fine control i guess to get it the ' life like ' feel as much as they could into their renderings. Mine were all over the place, and depending on the severity of any particular moment, mood, mode or situation .. the results were much more in tune to fine art than the all the design classes i ended up getting stuck in. The professors always said my energies were always flowing from my body and then out into the illustration.

As so many times my body was out of control ..the more chaotic the work became. Part of it was / is onset of a certain amount of seizure activity, anxiety , ect. .

Over time i think somehow i have been controlling this chaotic energy and over the past 4 years or so it's getting more fine tuned. Still there's a control others have that i still respect so much.

This is a very tradition ' LIFE ' type doodle session .. and i'm kinda in awe.

Again there's much more control of your energies than mine.

I may be asking thins, aside from being deep in thought ( and lost in it ) .. many times i become obsessed as to why work is so out of control. I'm not fighting .. but i do try to understand it as much as i can.

Whatever the case, you make me think.

sorry for the long disconnected novel here.


Paul Harmon said...

most of my drawing is totally in the fingers, very little wrist movement the fingers control a very short tight scribble type motion. if i need a longer line or more motion i do move my forearm but my wrist and forearm are pretty much straight

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Again, sorry for the long question.

The ascetic and discipline really does show in the final results.

I am not an expert with such things, but i am exposed to so SO much art styles over the coarse of any given month in this existence.

Yours does remain unique and still has a slight Japanese illustrative style.

I'm glad we're able to lay witness to it as it progresses along.


Anonymous said...

Hey! My name is Mora and I (in a fit of vainity) happened to google my name and find your awesome blog. Coincidently, I am a bit of comic book nerd and so I bought the Mora trade. It is very cool, I loved it! I love your other work too, especially the Ninja Turtles (I just finished a kickass drawing of them on the bottom of my skateboard) You are very talented! Drop me a line at if you get a chance, I'd love to talk to you! (:

Rafael said...

"Paulie Paul"

You've changed dude, you've changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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