Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tales of TMNT 56...inked

just finished the inks incorporating pens and brush
i'm really loving using the pens, the holbein drawing ink is amazing for the nibs


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. so you feel like there is more control here compared to your prior 2 turtle covers.

This looks rather different .. i mean.. damm what am i trying to say. ::

Maybe an amalgam of the prior 2 styles on the covers.. ( just specific to your TMNT work ) .. Raph's first cover was darker as per the tone of the book. 50's cover.. much more chaotic.

Hun's got allot going on but the chaos is more centered i guess.

It's also more symbolic, maybe that's what i'm seeing here.

Casey's got a rather different style mask that what's been seen prior.



Paul Harmon said...

casey may look very different. i want him to have a mask that's similar to what's actually out there it may make him a little scarier looking.
This cover does have a very different technique. Each cover I think even if I used the same inking technique would have come out different. The first one was heavy on lighting. The second one I thought I was going to color so I left it open to do a very painterly style that Ryan Brown was looking for but at the time I didn't know Steve Levigne was going to color it so I probably would have used heavier inks like 56 . But also each cover reflects the themes of the story so this one reflects some key issues in the story

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Wow ..


50 was an interesting cover.. pretty wild to see a Mirage vet tackle your stuff.

Again this is judt me.. but his vivid ' Muckiness ' i think worked yeh .. for the story of the adventure & final face-off with Mr.Marlin.


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