Friday, November 07, 2008

New Pens and Paper

so i'm working on a really cool project doing boards, dave johnson is the character/concept artist doing some pretty damn sweet designs, sylvan who is a film board artist is art director. i'm really getting to do some fun stuff on boards..anyhow i've been getting some good inking tips from dave this paper and these very cool brush pens, japanese of course, are really nice. the ben can do some really nice dry brush especially on textured paper and stay sharp, i cant slather on the ink like my aquash pens but they will definitely work well together


r said...

lovely texture on these... i also like the negative space in the batman piece, very dramatic! :D

Engraved Pens said...

Wow! I guess that's pretty exciting going through this little venture. But I myself have some pretty sweet designs as well, I mean growing up with Brad and Travis who have taught me everything that I know, I have come to develop my own style through time from different backgrounds. A mixture of diversity in my artwork is really what I was striving for!

Thanks a bunch Paul,

Paul Harmon said...

whose brad and travis?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ** this is an inking / painting exercise .. ..

these pieces kinda become their own thing and there are a few diff' artists i've worked on these.

an old trick i learned from Ryan Brown.

I hope you are not offended.

I wouldn't have done it unless the initial pencils hadn't moved me.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..ut oh.

Think i ticked Paul off



Paul Harmon said...

ticked off? never! :) but i don't think I quite understand your previous comment...

~ tOkKa said...

-->> -irk ..

it was in reference to the piece where i went over a copy of your pencils for the Hun cover.

Ryan Brown used to ( allot of the Mirage artists did apparently ) and still does , goes over a photocopy or whatnot of say Laird's pencils.

I've been doing this the past few months over various artists pencil works.

I was just curious as to your opinion of it.

I did it out of respect for your work.

I did email you the piece, but was unclear if you saw it or not.



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