Friday, February 13, 2009

Micachu and the Shapes: punky dark avant-grime pop

Micachu aka Mica Levi is a pretty brilliant little youngster from the uk
just doing some awesome music, noisy dark grime like stuff by way of punkish like elements including the short energetic songs.
check out her debut album She /her band is called Micachu and the Shapes, they just released "jewellery" i really love turn me well , curly teeth, golden ,phone do some gogling you can find full songs streaming to listen to then check out how she remixes sometimes mediocre songs and makes them great, check out the "vuitton blues" then listen to the micachu remix

check out we she did with this we have band single, again might be interesting to check out the original before you hear micachu's dark reinterpretation!+(Micachu+Remix)

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