Wednesday, January 28, 2009


tales of tmnt 56 and tales of tmnt 59 have kept me VERY busy there's a complete walthrough from rough to color comp on the cover for tales 59 and a sneak peek at some of 56 which will be out in a couple months


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..o ,Paul ..

.. every issue you do, takes the TMNT back to a darker motif .. ..but to a level not seen before.

There is some effin' " 80s " feel there tho' Wow.

again i use the word 'powerful' .. but i hate to lavish too much of that on you cuz i';d just butter you up.

WTF do i do !? .. o man.

Look at that lighting effect on the lady !! !! !! what the hell ..


Paul Harmon said...

hA thanks Tokka!
I'm loving working on these stories and really tring to push the dark and gritty and tap into all the elements that made tmnt classic soI'm really glad to hear you say those things

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..well it is true, i mean it.

Plus ..again it adds new energy as far as the construct and flow of the story ( tho' i am sure it's also in part to Trist's part of the work too ).. i ain' seen in these books before.

I is unique.

Taken some personal, direct hits late yesterday to my my own stuff..and me fumbling the ball letting some very trivial people mess with my head brings me back to the artists i enjoy.

So this lady and her surprise photography give me some good energy i need much like your take on Hun !!


ooo-zah said...

Jim Lawson's pencils + Eric Talbot's inks are still "the" great TMNT experience for me, but i can say that your take on the TMNT universe with Tristan is nothing less than spectacular, Paul. I am a huge fan of your back to the roots-dark style work. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to upcoming issues.

dark turtle said...

Hey Paul!

Beautiful stuff, man. Seriously. I still remember the first ish of Tales you did because my jaw dropped after thumbing through the opening pages. Your take on the TMNT has such a dark, edgy feel to it. I totally agree with Tokka on this; your artwork reminds me of the early issues of the volume 1 issues. Love it.

Hope to see more!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..hope i get to meet you one day, DT ..

( u too Paul ..)


Mr. Hawthorne said...

looks amazing, man!


cool ray said...

I am from munich, germany and the teenage mutant ninja turtles have been a childhood love of mine ever since I was exposed to their debut episode on their orginal cartoon...then later when I was around 18 years or so I discovered that there was an original comic book series that my love was based on..the first one I got somehow was issue # 3 with the vw chace through new york was great to experience that something I really liked when I was small could be so different and appealing to me in a whole new way in its original form..
when I saw accidently your first collaboration with tristan jones on #36 I wanted to have that book no matter what...but to this day I never was able to is rather hard overseas, at least when you don't know about it in advance....
your work has a quality to it that always reminds me of classic, dark and gritty black and white film noir now the ones you happen to see waaay past your bedtime...those images that won't leave your memory no more and give you energy when you need it in creating something...
I really felt that about created some breathtaking moments of fantasy that won't leave my memoryfor long...
so thank you!
p.s.:lookin forward to next months iss and the one in early summer time;)

Paul Harmon said...

Thanks Everyone. Thanks "Cool Ray" for the very kind and inspiring words. If you can send me postage I can try and send you an issue since it is so difficult.
let me know