Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hulk Smash mediocre remake!

i know people are super touchy about super hero movies, almost as bad as game console loyalty but i just feel like talking about them for a moment. my super hero movie taste is a bit specific and I tend to not like ones many seem to enjoy. my biggest issue with super-hero movies is lack of cinematography and any sort of aesthetic. for that very reason and some others the original superman and batman begins are pretty much the only films I have any warm feelings for. The spiderman movies make me sick to my stomach. iron man was entertaining but felt cheap, predictable, and claustrophobic... set wise...one more scene in starks basement and i would have shot myself. and iron man itself doesn't even have any character. whatever, anyhow this new hulk was surprisingly much uglier cg then the first and hulk did way less interesting stuff then he did in the first movie... it's sad. What you saw in the commercials is exactly what you got, no surprises no curveballs. It's almost how i felt when i saw superman...here you have a character physically capable of anything and you come up with the most hum drum action scenes. Hancock had better action then either of those. marvel would have been better served redoing daredevil, which of course i didn't even bother to watch...ben affleck! give me a break. what you guys look for in super hero movies? I'm perfectly willing to let films stray from the source material if they understand the essence and approach with some imagination, that's what i look for, that and a good director of photography.

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