Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All in Your Head 24 hour comic

I did this awhile ago but I'm really proud of it the story really worked out well, it's 24 pages i believe and all done working 24 hours straight as part of 24 hour comic day, I may have doodled a rough layout or two but for the most part i just drew the story panel by panel it was so much fun. the first page i started refitting to actual comic format and that's why the lettering is typed. I want to definitely polish this up and publish it as a one shot


Anonymous said...

Really Nice!!! Love the story, and the starkness of the art. I hope, when you re-do this, it stays black n' white because your use of lighting is dramatic. Nicely paced too. Love the design of the characters and monster is grotesque and funny at the same time. Would be cool if you published this in one of your sketchbooks. You gonna be at san diego this year?

greg said...

Damn, your art is beautiful. I love how fluid everything is, with the dark inks. Great stuff.