Saturday, July 08, 2006


mora 1-4 in one neat package. I put a lot of extras in the back studio photos, sketches my process, the story is the early stages of mora who will become a most powerful and most tragic witch. the story is about the inhabitants who have chosen to live in the city of witches...dark fantasy horror if you like that stuff :)
you can order a copy easy enough from amazon i'm sure


Bradaviel said...

Yay !!
Thank you for your mail and letting us know about your blog !!

The cover looks great, I'll definitively order a copy with my next amazon order !!

Paul Harmon said...

Awesome man I appreciate it!

Veronica Panizzi said...

Will we ever get anymore Mora? You promised long ago the story would be told.

Paul Harmon said...

Hey Veronica,
yes I still remember my promise and I do intend to keep it. Animation work has made it a little difficult to do my own comic stuff and is why I haven't had an original graphic novel since Mora. That being said I've been wanting to get back into MOra for quiet some time and have worked on the story off and on ever since and will probably rework the first stories into a more complete and expansive work, in full color with special elements in black and white with the technique of the original.