Thursday, July 27, 2006

Desktop Inhabitants #1

Some of the goods on my desk right now. I've been a toy nut always and am very fond of the Japanese stuff. Kamen Rider the First, Kikaider both by medicom
and a very awesome looking Batman begins from takara, you can even change change him into bruce wayne with the harness and ninja mask, an incredible figure


OV! said...

cool. now wheres my dvds.


Spaceturtle said...

KAMen RiDER!!Love Sentai.. used to watch this thing called Jaspion when I was little hehe I think it was the first Japanese guy I saw with a fro hahah

Paul Harmon said...

oh man me too I can watch those shows all day. I've got Ultraman, Zonefighter, Giant robo, Kikaider Ieed Ultraseven and the first Kamen rider..I remember the Jaspion from pictures

Shaun Wong said...

never fail to smile contently whenever I see Takara's batman begins. Awesome blog u got here!