Monday, August 17, 2009


man it's been awhile.
been really busy and the stuff I have been working on, one being a new book I can't really share yet much too early.
some friends have set up a cool blog design a diety
here's my contribution so far
the All

"the all" : he is so huge he can only be partially captured and with great effort to do just that. The image was taken with what is currently the most powerful telescope in existence, shielded by the darkest and largest sunglass lens ever created in order to block out the incredible light emitted from the eyes, which when opened fully have been known to completely fry several galaxies. Within the tendrils of The All, many a
star has lost its way.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Always worth the wait, Good sir,

Man that's mighty !!

Daniel Schwarz said...

Sounds like someone to invite to a poker game... :)

Nice work!

lostinarc said...

Your Rendering style is awesome... beautiful illustarations i liked all of yur art..:)

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