Monday, December 08, 2008

Nibs Pens and The Big Brush

this weekend while battling a cold just strong enough to keep me fairly foggy headed i went to the graphaids 40% off everything sale and spent too much money. those awesome nibs looked so cool with the old timey graphics I bought a whole bunch, for a dollar a box it was a steal, and they are awesome. Craig Nelson one of my painting instructors in school would always insist on using brushes you think are too big for the job, i've been using that approach with my inking and i like it.

the big piece was my scratch pad underneath my pages that ink, usually testing the line of the different nibs as well as wiping off excess ink before brushing. I tested out a fairly big Japanese calligraphy brush and this was the resulting sketch...painting with ink is very fun


Parka said...

Nice photos. Great style on your inks

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