Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Weapons New Scale

So after seeing one of my favorite artists new work jpleon ( I was inspired, and got some good tips about the nibs he uses. So I am once again trying to see if I can implement quill,nibs and brush together. Falling Oaks yes that's new stuff in that picture will be my new ink testing ground. It also is a really fun exercise in storytelling and coloring, I'll talk more about that later. Anyhow I've loaded up on inks and supplies I'm working on a new technique for the next tales of tmnt(56) and as you can see I'm trying to get a new sense of scale and physique between the different turtles. Hopefully you can see the little nuances in in muscle definition and size as I really thought about their weapons and combat methods and personalities. Can you tell who is who? If your a turtle fan and participate in turtle communities feel free to post it where appropriate, i'd like to see if turtle fans in the know can guess which turtle is which. and i kind of like the samurai sash en lieu of the belt.
p.s. that deleter pen holder is the ultimate! I just figured out it can hold any and all nibs as some of the other simple wooden and plastic holder are specific to one sizeand it has a more ergonomic grip to boot!


~ tOkKa said...

L - R

Short, cheeky smirk , little bit of devilish - ness in the eyes = Mitch

Contemplative ..little bit of concern and child-like wonder, natural posture = Donnie T.

Strong steady Stern look, disciplined Foot Soldier like posture concentrated, a little on edge = Leo

Hunched a bit, ..pretty pissed off and chip on his shoulder / no-smirk at all.. = Ralpher

Paul Harmon said...

very acute observations tokka!

Tristan Jones said...

I still REALLY love the logic behind the muscular structure the most...

Paul Harmon said...

thanks tristan hopefully I can be disciplined enough to carry that through to the book and really emphasize those differences whenever possible

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