Thursday, August 30, 2007

batman metroid bioshock

totally unrelated I've got bioshock for my pc (laptop) and metroid prime 3 for wii, suffice it to say I'm not having too much fun with bioshock I find it pretty redundant and not even very interesting visually...i was hoping bioshock would be more of an adventure like res evil or just have more stuff happening. metroid on the other hand is awesome the art design is amazing the environments are stunning and its totally immersive, it's already like a great roller coaster ride I don't know why other fps can't incorporate the variety of gameplay like metroid or res evil


OSC. said...

your work is very impressive!

I like the wolves sketches that are like 2006

are your drawings hand made and then software edition?

PD:sorry for my english, it is terrible

Paul Harmon said...

yes for many are started traditional drawing and then colored digitally but many of my recent colored sketches are totally digital like the akuma in the rain the liono