Monday, September 25, 2006


II have been getting into super sculpey it is so much fun. here's the first few things I have done. The owlen man is in progress


Bradaviel said...

Wooaw ! O__o
the rabbit is sooo creepy !!!
well done !!!

Paul Harmon said...

thanks brad i really like how he came out

Spaceturtle said...

Awesome work.. I tried using sculpeee it gets rubbery after you bake it.. i also tend to burn the crap out of it hahaha. These look great. First time sculpting?

Paul Harmon said...

thanks well I used to sculpt with clay pretty often as a kid ninja turtles mostly :)
So I haven't tried it in a very long time. I boiled these pieces. I was shocked when I was told of this method but its much quicker and cooks completely evenly. Also this is super sculpey so its stronger stuff.

:Diego said...

Excellent sculptures Paul! a great work, expressive in the details and the colors. It did not know your art, very good!

Diego, illustrator (Argentina).