Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Man

I really want to do a sci-fi something.
This has something of the look and design I'm drawn to right now.

Nib Test

I did this trying out several different inking nibs, I think this was cold pressed paper which work a lot better for scratchy nibs

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Workshop work

The big pages (bottom 7), are from an awesome Moleskine sketchbook, I got when Borders was closing up shop and had some very good clearance items. Trying to get back to figure drawing really want to get better. the bottom 7 are from dr sketchy's LA held at Titmouse. The top ones are from Draw Club

New Beasts

new beasts for king of beasts


another sketchbook page



I REALLY want a masterpiece version of Swoop. C'mon Takara!! He is probably my favorite G1 toy excluding the combiners. The clear cockpit/pteranadon head is an awesome design element.