Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mora and Me

My first blog. I don't have much time to spill my guts, cuz I'm desperatley trying to get this one-shot I'm working plotted out. Anyway pretty excited about my first book MORA which comes out this Wednesday, Feb 2nd. I'm gonna go to Hide-Ho to sign a few books, and will have something at Meltdown and Golden Apple this is all in L.A. of course. Anyway I had a lot of fun last weekend back in SF at the Image Isotope party. James and crew are awesome. It was really cool to be there and watch the very first people in the country pick up the book and get immediate feedback. I'm very busy getting the third book written right now and am really excited about it. Here's my website if you want to see my work feel free to email me. I'm certain most of these posts will have to do with Mora because my life is boring, hers isn't. ;)