Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blanka Street Fighter Tribute

pinup done for the udon street fighter tribute book

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight

Thanks to some friends at WB animation I was able to see the employee screening of the Dark Knight Tuesday. I have followed this movie for it's entire gestation period and my expectations and hopes were sky, having loved Nolan's interpretation and imagination applied to Batman's legendary mythos. After seeing this film I felt like it was the first time in far too long to finally see a great film. If nothing else this film has made my turn and reflect with even greater scrutiny what passes for a movie these past years. This film is on a whole other level. To simply compare this to other super-hero movies or any other comic films is a huge disservice, but if you must there's absolutley no question which one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The movie reached a level of intensity and emotion that seemed so foreign, I can scarcely remember having those feelings in a movie theater. To me this is the definitive Batman, obviously owing a great deal to the greatest of batman tales, Miller responsible for most, but here I see the Batman and now the joker and the gotham and the world that lied just beyond the comic and ,possibly because the safer nature of it, the animation's grasp. It's an amazing feat the Nolan's and everyone involved have achieved, a brilliant work that shows the depth and maturity fantasy is capable of. The next crop of comic films, action dramas, crime stories, hell even horror are really gonna have to step up their game. This is how it's done folks.
Oh yeah, you've never seen anything like Heath Ledgers Joker, what a performance!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Those Arms Become You

A short horror story I started years ago, never quite finished. The story was about a young orphaned girl, born without arms, that has the arms of an adult woman grafted on . The girl grows into the arms but becomes someone new.