Thursday, December 30, 2010

King of Beasts New Medusa

Slowly chipping away at characters/ story concepts/ for the King of Beasts graphic Novel
these are some medusa drawings

street details

Street Sketches

street sketches from photos

Remembering and the Robertson Man

Once I tried remembering faces people and small details that I would go and sketch once I arrived at work, this was the only time I did it but it was very fun I liked the results. The prominent figure is a very lithe dancing man usually in tights/ leotard who grooves right near the American Apparel on Robertson in west LA and looks very much the part of an American Apparel enthusiast. He is there daily pretty much rain or shine and is very tan. This particular day there was a woman on the street corner that looked quite disgusted by his antics.

Little Perspective

I suck at perspective, so I've been doodling small studies of the street, freeways, the scale of fg objects etc. these were done while riding shotgun

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Harvest II

This has been done for months now , my second installment to my Harvest story for the first Titmouse mook. This will be in the second mook whenever that goes to print. It's a pretty fun story to do , not sure exactly where it will go and how things will play out but I think that's interesting.